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Authentic Winter Life in Rautavaara!

If you’re seeking some wonderful wintertime activities in nature with peace and space to breathe, we are happy to invite you to experience authentic winter life in Rautavaara!

– Rautavaara is located in Eastern Finland, in the North Savo region. See map

Tiilikkajärvi National Park and many other natural sites offer unforgettable experiences even in winter. During winter, hiking trails can be explored using snowshoes or Nordic crampons. Well-maintained ski tracks can be found in the center of Rautavaara municipality and in the Metsäkartano area. Other nature-oriented winter activities in Rautavaara include ice fishing, kicksledding, or sledding down hills.

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Rautavaara is also renowned for its well-maintained snowmobile routes. Many consider Rautavaara’s routes to be among the best in Finland.

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Accommodation in Rautavaara is provided by Metsäkartano near Tiilikkajärvi and Hotel Restaurant Tiilikka in Rautavaara’s center. Additionally, various cottages offer accommodation. Both hotels also have restaurants serving delicious dishes made from local ingredients.

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Shopping in Rautavaara can be done without rush or crowds. The products from the local Rautavaara Bakery are always fresh and tasty. Essential items can be found at the grocery store Sale and the pharmacy. You can also make other discoveries in Rautavaara’s small boutiques or thrift stores.

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