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This is one of the most impressive locations in Rautavaara! Konttimäki’s parking area is located about 1,3 kms from the Pumpulikirkko.

Pumpulikrkko is a naturally formed rock formation inside Pumpulikirkko’s old forest’s protected area. Steep-walled, millions of years ago created gorge-like rock crevice expands into a clearing surrounded by vertical stone walls.

On the west side wall of the clearing is a large crater, which has worn down by meltwaters at the end of the Ice Age about 10,000 years ago. The side of the crater has been chipped open so that it is possible to inspect the inside of it from the clearing. Snow remains in the crevices long into spring, until the beginning of summer.

The trail is partly difficult to travel, but the breathtakingly majestic views that await you serve as a reward that is well-worth it. The ground is maybe rather moist and quarry-like, so rubber boots or hiking boots are a must on the trail.

“Pumpuli” means cotton and “kirkko” means church. The crater was named after the cotton-like moss that used to lie at the bottom of it and it’s church like appearance.

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